As from 25th March 2024


Monday Upstairs Studio 12.30-1.30pm Adult Ballet (Beginner/Intermediate)
5.15-6.15pm Junior Jazz
6.15-7.30pm Senior Jazz
7.30-8.15pm Adult Tap (Beginner)
8.15-9.00pm Adult Tap (Intermediate/Advanced)
Tuesday Upstairs Studio 10.00-11.00am Stretch and Tone
4.00-4.45pm Pre-Primary
4.45-5.30pm Grade 3 (non-exam class)
5.30-6.15pm Grade 3 (non-exam)
6.15-7.15pm Grade 4 (exam class)
7.15-8.15pm Grade 6 (non-exam class)
8.15-9.15pm Grade 8
Ground Floor Studio 4.00-4.45pm Primary
4.45-5.30pm Grade 1
5.30-6.15pm Pointe Class 1
6.15-7.00pm Pointe Class 2
7.15-8.15pm Advanced 1
8.15-9.15pm Adult Ballet (Beginner)
Wednesday Upstairs Studio 10.00-11.00am Body Conditioning
12.30-1.30pm Adult Ballet (Intermediate)
4.00-4.45pm Grade 2
4.45-5.45pm Grade 6 (non-exam class)
5.45-6.45pm Grade 6 (exam class)
6.45-7.45pm Advanced Foundation
7.45-9.00pm Open Ballet Class with Pointe
Thursday Upstairs Studio 4.45-5.30pm Hip Hop 1 (School years 1-3)
5.30-6.15pm Hip Hop 2 (School years 4-6)
6.15-8.15pm Hip Hop 3 (School years 7-9)
6.15-8.15pm Hip Hop 4 (School years 10 & over)
Downstairs Studio 4.00-4.45pm Drama 1(School years 1-3)
5.00-6.15pm Drama 3 (School years 7 & over)
6.15-7.15pm Drama 2 (School years 4-6)  START DATE TBC
Friday Upstairs Studio 4.00-5.00pm Grade 1
4.30-5.30pm Grade 2
5.30-6.15pm Grade 4 (non-exam class)
6.15-7.15pm Grade 7
7.15-8.15pm Intermediate
8.15-9.15pm Adult Ballet (Intermediate/Advanced)
Ground Floor Studio 5.30-6.15pm Pointe Class 3
6.15-7.15pm Intermediate Foundation
7.15-8.15pm Adult Ballet (Beginner)
Saturday Upstairs Studio 9.00-9.30am Pre-School Ballet (from 3 years)
9.30-10.15am Pre-Primary
10.15-11.00am Primary
11.00-11.45am Creative Red (Reception & School Year 1)
11.45-12.30pm Creative Blue (School Years 2-3)
12.30-1.15pm Creative Purple (School Years 4-6)
1.15-2.15pm Contemporary 1 (School Years 7-8)
2.15-3.15pm Contemporary 2 (School Years 9 & over)
3.15-4.15pm Discovering Repertoire

(Higher & Vocational grades and Adults)

Ground Floor Studio 10.00-10.45am Boys’ Class
12.30-1.15pm Tap 2
Sunday Upstairs Studio 9.30am onwards Show rehearsals